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Living Green

September is Head Lice Awareness Month

LiceOUT Head Lice Treatment

September starts the beginning of a year long effort to make parents aware of and help them protect their children from head lice and associated risky treatments that contain pesticides. Trying to keep children safe from head lice as well as trying to avoid repeated exposure to hazardous pesticide remedies can make both parents and children overwhelmed.

To help parents remove head lice as well as the stress associated with it, we are proud to provide a simple solution– LiceOUT.

LiceOUT is a pure soap that is able to kill head lice without the use of toxic pesticide treatments. LiceOUT is made plant based and other natural ingredients.

Instead of relying on poisons to kill head lice, Enviro-One LiceOUT™ kills head lice by affecting their shells (exoskeleton). Because headlice exoskeleton is composed of oil-based molecules, LiceOUT‘s colloidal micelle action dissolves the oils on their shells which and cause them to die. Because mammals are not oil-based, but rather aqueous (water)-based, Enviro-One LiceOut™ is absolutely harmless to humans and animals.

LiceOUT can not only be used to kill head lice in your child’s hair, but is also recommended to use in the washer to kill head lice that may be on your sheets and clothing.

LiceOUT is available in two sizes, the 8 oz personal size and the 1 gallon family size.

For more information or to purchase LiceOUT click here.

Customer Testimony

This Soap is absolutely amazing! Our kids came home from school with lice one time and we tried all kinds and many different solutions over-the-counter to get rid of them. Nothing worked. We decided to give this soap a try, and we were absolutely amazed, I got rid of the lice. We love it that the soap is natural, safe for kids and not full of chemicals like most other products.

We have also used it for stain removal and laundry, it works really well.
We really recommend it.

Simona H.

LiceOUT Head Lice Treatment

Home cleaning alternatives: Natural home cleaning solutions

Many of the common cleaning products available in you local stores are poisonous, cause allergic reactions, or create dangerous fumes. So what’s a household to do?

Some people have chosen to rid their homes from these toxic cleaners by making their own natural cleaning products. However, these natural homemade cleaners may not work great on all surfaces.

Our Enviro-One formula has proven to not only be safe but have been tested on over 200+ surfaces. With just one solution, you can clean your kitchen, dishes, floors, counters, bathrooms, sinks, tub toilets and much, much more. Visit our User Guide page to see some of the many applications.

Keeping your Pets Healthy and Eco-friendly

Pet Health Cat and DogYour pets are more than just mere animals, they have managed to worm their way into your heart and demand esteemed membership into your family. You love them, so of course you want them healthy and of course you want the Green, because that is what you are. It makes no sense to be eco-friendly alone; nothing will get done if you’re the only one making an effort. Being green is not an individual practice; instead, it is a lifestyle that encourages the participation of your family as well as your friends, community and yes, even your pets.

Keeping your Pets Healthy and Eco-friendly: 

  • Feed them All-natural Formula: Research should be done before you commit to a brand of food for your pet. Avoid low quality foods that contain wheat, corn gluten and unreadable ingredients. The food you feed them should come from all natural sources and should contain beneficial properties that will enhance their health and immunity.
  •  No Table Scraps: It becomes difficult to ignore the sweet stare of a begging pooch; however, feeding your cat or dog table scraps is an unhealthy habit to practice. Firstly, doing so can promote aggression. Also, certain foods can be quite dangerous for animals as their digestive systems differ from our own. Some foods to avoid include chocolate, bread, onions, tomatoes and citrus.
  • Keep them Active: immobility encourages stiffness and shorter lifespan, exercise your pets by making them work; run up and down the stairs, throw balls or take them swimming.

  •  Buy Eco-Alternatives: There are eco-friendly alternatives to almost everything we use and that includes animal products. Buy pet beds made from natural fibers and zero dyes, biodegradable curbing bags, stainless steel food bowls and recycled collars.
  • Dry Brushing: Dry brushing does much more than detangle fur and sooth itches, brushing your pets with a soft dry brush will promote circulation and balance the core.
  • Natural Personal Care: Use all natural personal care on your pets whenever possible. Look for natural shampoos, oral care as well as natural flea and tick medication.

Your pets may not quite understand your efforts, nevertheless when you take the time to selflessly include them in your lifestyle of health and sustainability, they will reward you with optimal health and years of sweet slobbery kisses.


Bean Town, Green Town- RezHub.com’s Green Travel Hub Announces Boston’s Top 8 Green Hotels

Bean Town, Green Town- RezHub.com’s Green Travel Hub Announces Boston’s Top 8 Green Hotels

RezHub.com’s Green Travel Hub put together a top 8 list of Boston’s greenest hotels to help travelers plan a great green Boston vacation.

Boston has a lot of nicknames: Bean Town, The Walking City, and The Cradle of Liberty are just a few. When RezHub.com’s Green Travel Hub found out that there were some great eco friendly hotels in Boston, MA and it was also known as the Hub of the Universe, they knew it would be the perfect candidate for their next feature green destination. So, RezHub.com’s Green Travel Hub put together a top 8 list of the city’s greenest hotels to help travelers plan a great green Boston vacation.

Nestled right in the center of the Massachusetts coastline and bordered by a network of small rivers, Boston is home to some of The States’ best scenery. Visitors can take a whale watching tour in the Boston Harbor, visit riverfront parks, ice skate on the Frog Pond, or take a historical walk down the Freedom Trail. Green enthusiasts will love Boston’s easy access to public transportation, and these 8 Boston green hotels.

Travelers looking for green travel to Boston will find these hotels a perfect fit. All of the following green hotels in Boston, Massachusetts have been awarded with a RezHub Green Score of at least 3/5 green branches. To see pictures, get more information, or find out exactly what each hotel does to earn their Green Score, visit RezHub.com or GreenTravelHub.com. For more tips on planning eco friendly travel to Boston, visit RezHub.com or follow any of the links below the list to see all of Boston’s eco friendly hotels.

RezHub’s Top 8 Green Hotels in Boston

  1. Irving House At Harvard
    Priced From: $140.00
    Green Score: 24
  2. Seaport Hotel and Seaport World
    Priced From: $149.00
    Green Score: 23
  3. Jurys Boston Hotel
    Priced From: $185.00
    Green Score: 22
  4. The Lenox Hotel
    Priced From: $175.00
    Green Score: 19
  5. Hotel Marlowe – A Kimpton Hotel
    Priced From: $158.75
    Green Score: 18
  6. Hyatt Regency Boston
    Priced From: $149.00
    Green Score: 17
  7. 7Doubletree Hotel Boston – Downtown
    Priced From: $160.64
    Green Score: 14
  8. The Charles Hotel In Harvard Square
    Priced From: $199.01
    Green Score: 14


About RezHub.com: RezHub.com is the next generation of online travel, providing innovative research and reservation tools to the traveling public. It is their goal to ensure that you feel good about travel, especially when it comes to making the best choice for your trip. RezHub is a one stop reservation hub, where you will find everything you need to plan and book your vacation…without having to visit multiple sites. Here you will find many unique service offerings that set them apart from their competitors, but it is their commitment to their customers that will truly make you “Feel Good about Travel.” Visit http://www.rezhub.com or http://www.greentravelhub.com for more information.

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