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BABY SAFETY: Green Cleaning Tips

Baby Safe Cleaning Products

Keeping Babies Safe from hazardous cleaning productsDo you know that what you use to clean your house with can pose serious danger to your children? Accidental poisoning is the fifth leading cause of accidental death of young children. Because of their natural curiosity, children will open your kitchen cabinets and draws and have access to chemicals that can be fatal if swallowed.

A couple of steps you can take to prevent your children from having access to these dangerous chemical cleaners is to place child safety locks on kitchen cabinets and doors or place them high and out of reach but the most important step you can take is to replace all of your potentially dangerous cleaners with natural green cleaning products.

If you are like most Americans who have many different chemical cleaners for different cleaning jobs around the house, you might want to consider switching to a single natural all-purpose cleaner such as Enviro-One Multi-Use Green Cleaner. Enviro-One is first of all safe which means, if your child accidentally drinks it, the most you have to worry about is a couple of extra soiled diapers. This is far better than to have to deal with rushing your child to the emergency room because they swallowed some toxic chemical cleaner. Enviro-One is save but is also versatile. It has over 200 documented uses including, cleaning your floors, dishes, counters, bath tubs, sinks, laundry, fruit and vegetable, and carpet. It is also recommended for personal use including brushing your teeth and taking a shower.

By replacing your dangerous chemical cleaners with Enviro-One, you can have peace of mind knowing your children environment has no toxic cleaners lurking in the cabinets. You can also feel good knowing that all you need is one cleaner. If you are looking for a product that is safe for your baby and your family, you may want to consider Enviro-One.com.

Inspiring your Kid to be Greener

Inspire your children to be greenOne of the biggest responsibilities that come with living a greener lifestyle is inspiring others to follow suit. One person alone cannot clean up the world; however, one person can inspire the movement that does. When it comes to inspiring positive change it has to start in your own household and it should include your kids. Children are the future stewards of the environment, so it is important to teach them the values of the eco-system so they will grow up with a natural affinity to protect and preserve it.

Inspiring your Kids to be Greener: 

  1. Make Recycling Fun: First you must educate your children on the importance of recycling, let them know that by donating instead of trashing, they are helping to keep the environment clean and they are lessening the demand for virgin materials. You can make recycling fun by rewarding their efforts; by giving them kudos for a job well done, you will inspire them to do more.
  2. Buy them Green Playthings: Teach your kids the value of handmade and sustainable playthings, purchase dolls made from recycled plastic and refurbished woods and petroleum free crayons and markers.
  3. Garden with your Kids: Gardening with your children is a fun way to inspire sustainability; they would love the act of playing in dirt and watching the fruits of their labor grow.
  4. Introduce them to Nature: Children are born with a natural love for nature, nurture that love by visiting parks often and taking them on nature walks, bird watching, camping trips and star gazing.
  5. Buy all natural Everything: There are greener alternatives to almost everything you and your kids use in the home, buy all natural wherever it is possible so your kids grow up using them. You can find natural soaps, cleaners, laundry detergent, trash bags, toilet paper and a whole lot more.
  6. Play Green: There are a lot of resources available in the form of video games, movies and books that are catered to teaching sustainability to young kids, they are both fun and educational so you kids will enjoy while they learn.
  7. Volunteer with your Kids: Volunteering your time at kid friendly places such as animal shelters, museums and parks will teach your kids the importance of selflessness in a fun and exciting way.

The future of the environment is dependent upon today’s children. In order to secure a world that is clean, healthy and happy we have to teach our kids how to take care of it.

BABY TOYS: Enviro-One Tip of the Day

1979397-forgotten-toys-in-a-dirty-sandbox-depressive-moodDid you know your child favorite toy is a magnet for germs. Enviro-One Multi-Use Cleaner gives you the ability to clean your child’s toys without exposing them to dangerous chemicals.

To clean your child’s toys spray a 5:1 diluted solution directly onto washable toys. Or, fill bucket with warm water, add 2-4 ounces solution and allow toys to soak.

Use small brush to clean in crevices if necessary. Rinse clean. For electronics or toys that cannot get wet, spray washcloth until damp, wipe surfaces and dry with fresh cloth. For fabric toys or stuffed animals, launder or hand wash with ENVIRO-ONE™. Give your baby the benefit of a clean, chemical free, safe play environment! Don’t forget the preschool and big kid toys – especially for shared play areas.